Sonic the Hedgehog is well on its way to beating its initial box office tracking. The movie’s release was delayed last year in an effort to redesign Sonic, which led many to assume the movie was done for. The response to the very first trailer from long-time fans of the blue speedster was not very good, to say the least. Fans could not get over the fact that the iconic Sega character had human features and that he looked pretty terrifying.

Paramount’s decision to go back to the drawing board with Sonic the Hedgehog is already proving to be successful. For one, fans embraced it right away, nearly erasing the first design. And now, it looks like there will be some box office success opening weekend. Early estimates now have the family movie tracking at between $40 million to $45 million for the holiday weekend box office, which is far better than what was originally estimated a few months ago. There’s even some who are predicting the big screen adaptation will get closer to $50 million when all is said and done. The movie could obviously end up earning more once the early reviews start to come in.

The first box office tracking for Sonic the Hedgehog had it earning anywhere between $20 million to $30 million, so the latest tracking is much better, thanks in part to the enthusiastic response to the redesign. It is believed that the movie cost just under $100 million to produce, which does not include marketing. With an estimated opening weekend approaching $50 million, everything should be fine, as long as the early reviews and reactions prove to be positive. Regardless, this is a far cry from the disaster Paramount originally had on their hands.

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Fueling the positive box office estimates for Sonic the Hedgehog are the reactions to the new trailers after the redesign. In November the trailer response to the movie was off the charts, according to Google, with the highest like-to-dislike ratio of any “official studio trailer in the last 3 years,” on the platform. This is all thanks to Paramount’s decision to go back and make the character look more familiar, instead of the overhauled original version of the blue hedgehog. No more human teeth and eyes, and no more human legs. Things are finally back to normal.

Fans have been waiting decades to see Sonic the Hedgehog on the big screen. However, Paramount nearly blew it early on with the first reveal, which started an unprecedented backlash on social media. When the redesign was first announced, there were many people who were waiting to make fun of that design too, only to be pleasantly surprised when the new version was released. A quick scroll through the comments section reveals fans who couldn’t wait to tear the new look apart, only to find that they really liked it. Sonic the Hedgehog hits theaters on February 14th. The box office estimates were first reported by Deadline.

Kevin Burwick